Backstage Tango


The Tango Times Dance Company, presents BACKSTAGE TANGO, a performance celebrating The International day of Tango. Oscar Caballero and Roxana Garber along with the dancers of The Tango Times Dance Company will take you from the romantic Argentine Folk Dances to the sensual world of Tango with the not-to-be-missed musical production.  Choreographed by Oscar Caballero, BACKSTAGE TANGO will recreate the scene of Buenos Aires unveiling what’s behind the scenes to a live onstage orchestra with Jorge Vernieri in piano, Renyel Rivero in Bass, Miguel Arrabal in Bandoneon and Federico Britos in Violin; with  vocalist Cristina Longo and renowned singer Carolina Longo . BACKSTAGE TANGO will please the audiences with its ensemble cast of dancers who bring to life the sensual and sexy dances. Dancers: Oscar Caballero, Roxana Garber, Gabriel Toppino; Silvana Ariza; Carolina Speroterra; Efrosini Polizogopoulos; Alex Yasushi Watanabe; Deborah Beilaque; Lautaro Gardella; Carlos Bueno, Julia Turovskiy, Cindy Pérez Solla; Guido Duek. BACKSTAGE TANGO will take place at the ARTIME THEATER (900 SW 1st Street, Miami, Fl 33130) on DECEMBER 10, 2016 at 8:30pm. Advanced tickets are available for purchase online for $25- 40, or for $30- $45 at the door. For additional ticket information, call 305-266-3029 / 786-221-5976 or email


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