The Tango Times Dance Company, presents TANGO REVENGE. Oscar Caballero and Roxana Garber along with the dancers of The Tango Times Dance Company will recreate on stage a story of revenge and love with the not-to-be-missed Tango musical production.  Choreographed by Oscar Caballero, TANGO REVENGE will recreate the scene of a Mystic Buenos Aires to a live onstage orchestra led by Anibal Berraute Cuarteto: Aníbal Berraute in piano, Renyel Rivero in Bass, Miguel Arrabal in Bandoneon and Federico Britos in Violin; with  vocalists Cristina Longo and Carolina Longo.  TANGO REVENGE will please the audiences with its ensemble cast of dancers who bring to life the sensual and sexy dances. Dancers: Oscar Caballero, Roxana Garber, Gabriel Toppino; Silvana Ariza; Carlos Bueno; Alex Yasushi Watanabe; Maria Del Pilar Diviu; Cindy Perez Solla; Effy Polizogopulos; Ricardo Read; Alejandro Szenkman; Ivana Alluisette. Advanced tickets are available for purchase online for $25- 40or for $30- $45 at the door. For additional ticket information, call 305-892-7373 / 786-221-5976 or email info@tangotimes.us.


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